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Imaging – parasternal views

Chapter 5
Presenters: Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder; Anna-Maria Pistritto, MD
1 credit

What you will learn

- Parasternal window: long- and short-axis view; - Focus on the parasternal long-axis view: which cardiac structures can you see?; - Standard and “atypical” parasternal long axis views; - Focus on the parasternal short-axis view. - “Cutting” the heart at different levels: a) Parasternal short-axis at the base (at the level of the great vessels), b) Parasternal short-axis at the level of the mitral valve, c) Parasternal short-axis at the level of the papillary muscles; - The information you can get from the parasternal short-axis views. - Examples of normal hearts and pathologies from the parasternal window; - Parasternal window and Color-Doppler You will also learn: - How to obtain the standard parasternal long-axis view; - How to obtain the standard parasternal short-axis views; - How to optimize your echo image; - How to use “atypical” views into your advantage.

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