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What students say

I am gratefull to all 123sonography team members for one of the greatest and best courses of echocardiography online over the world.

Simple, clear to understand and full of important information for daily clinical practice.

Thank you and go ahead to see more courses from the great echocardiography team.

Dr. Khalaf Sayer, Mosul, Iraq

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In the past few years of my career I was craving to learn echocardiography realizing how it is a powerful tool in settings like mine where rheumatic heart diseases are so rampant.After searching training opportunities I found web which I instantaneously signed up without even knowing the details.For your surprise I was struggling to learn echocardiography on my own way;unfortunately it was very challenging as well as frustrating in the absence of proper couching.The Master class courses delivered by Prof.Tommy and his team are so extraordinary making me confident echocardiographer in just a few months time.I strongly recommend all physicians and sonographers specifically those working in resource limited set up to subscribe and learn these state of the art echacardiography training while at home.
Thanks team

Kibrete Wolde
Internist from Malawi

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Strategy for early completion of course

It's the peculiarity of the knowledge. The more you thirst for it the more you get it.
If one has the thirst to learn echo this course is the best possible course. All the lectures in the course are so fascinating that once you start the course you get passionate to complete it. It has totally revolutionised the learning experience in medicine.

Dr. Rahni Kant Dave

Head of radiology and echocardiography
Dave X-Ray Imaging and Pathology Institute
Kanpur, India

I finished the 123 Sonography Masterclass in less than 90 days. I'd advise others taking the class to work through the material in 20-30 minute increments.
The material is well presented although difficult at times so if you're new to echo (like myself) it would be tough to focus for 1-2 hours straight.
Some of the lectures required watching a second time so make sure to include that in your planning. Good luck and it's a great opportunity to learn echo.

Gregory Ruttan

MD at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas
Oregon, USA

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THE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE. At 123sonography, we help doctors and sonographers to become experts in echocardiography within 90 days. Echocardiography is one of THE most important clinical skills for anyone working in cardiovascular medicine and here is the best place for you to get started.

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We are a team of cardiologists from the Medical University of Vienna / Austria, and we have strong ties to other national and international institutions, hospitals and experts.