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Online video course:

    From theory to practice - a comprehensive guide

Become competent in Regional Anaesthesia

Our Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anaesthesia course equips you with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to perform regional anaesthesia in your daily practice confidently. The introductory chapter provides a foundational understanding of the history of anaesthesia and ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia, focusing on its use in postoperative pain management. An entire chapter is dedicated to essential topics, such as machine settings, artifacts, and anatomical variability. In addition, the course covers various cannula approaches, with in-depth coverage and live-scanning demonstrations of in-plane and out-of-plane techniques, alongside practical tips by experienced experts in the field.

Participants will learn upper- and lower-extremity nerve blocks and the TAP-Block and get familar with the most common local anesthetics. The course includes live scanning demonstrations on models, illustrations, real-life patient cases, and quiz questions to reinforce learning. Upon course completion, participants will have comprehensive knowledge to perform highly effective clinical nerve blocks.

This course is for


Medical students
Interventional radiologists
Medical professionals working in the intensive care unit
and emergency department

Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia

What will you learn in this course?

This course is tailored for healthcare professionals at all levels of expertise in regional anaesthesia techniques. Its goal is to equip them with the necessary knowledge and abilities to effectively perform the most commonly used forms of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia through lectures and live demonstrations of the sonoanatomy needed for nerve blocks of both upper and lower extremities, and the TAP block. Different types of local anaesthetics and their respective applications are discussed. This course includes:

Over 3 hours of high-quality video content
Studio quality lectures
Imaging and patient demonstrations
Hundreds of images and illustrations
Case based learning
MCQ questions
Top speakers





Overview of the history of ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia, its indications, possible complications, and benefits of the technique


Imaging nerves


This chapter is about the appearance of nerves on ultrasound and the distinction between nerves and other structures


Cannula approaches


This chapter focuses on cannula approaches in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia


Upper extremity blocks


This chapter focuses on upper extremity blocks in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia


Lower extremity blocks


This chapter focuses on lower extremity nerve blocks in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia


TAP block


This chapter focuses on the TAP block in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia


Local anaesthetics


This chapter provides an overview of the different local anaesthetics used in regional anaesthesia


Dr. Ulrich Oberndorfer, MBA

Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine
Privatklinink Döbling, Vienna, Austria

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