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Echo BachelorClass

Hypertrophy and myocardial disease

Chapter 12
Presenters: Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder; Anna-Maria Pistritto, MD
1 credit

What you will learn

- The role of echo in atrial fibrillation and how it affects patients with hypertrophy;
- Detecting left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH);
- Measuring hypertrophy: where and how;
- Different causes of LVH;
- Recognizing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy;
- LVH and additional findings.

Case Stories:
An echo mystery (Unknow mass)
TV kills you (SCD in normal heart)
Farmville Echocardiography (Thrombus myxoma)

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Case stories

An echo mystery


Pavol, 27 years old: a lot of plans for the future and quite bent on discovering the world - 40 years later ...

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TV kills you!


Thrilling ultrasound: researchers from the University of Queensland say every hour of TV watching after age 25 cuts almost 22 minutes off your lifespan.

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Farmville Echocardiography


This is the first in a series of interesting echo cases.

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