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Echo BachelorClass

Echo and cardiovascular surgery

Chapter 24
1 credit

What you will learn

- The role of TEE in cardiac surgery; - Surgery and pre-operative echo exams: which patients should be imaged; - Surgery and aortic stenosis; - The importance of diagnosing congenital heart diseases before surgery; - TEE and left atrial appendage: diagnosing a thrombus; - The impact of right heart problems on outcome and prognosis; - Occurrence of tricuspid regurgitation after cardiac surgery; - Left ventricular function: checking it before, during and after surgery; - Different causes of left and/or right ventricular dysfunction after surgery; - Left ventricular filling following extracorporeal circulation (ECC); - Assessing fluid status with TEE; - Different cardiac complications after surgery: how to detect them with echo; - TEE and pleural/pericardial effusion.

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One heart, too many emotions


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