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Aortic regurgitation

Chapter 18
Presenters: Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder; Anna-Maria Pistritto, MD; Bruno Mora - MD Italy
1 credit

What you will learn

- Aortic regurgitation (AR) and echo: recognizing the aortic regurgitant jet; - Different AR jets; - Conditions where AR is difficult to diagnose; - Different causes of AR; - AR and transesophageal echo (TEE); - Analysing the jet and its components; - Quantification of AR: 1) Visual assessment, 2) Vena contracta width, 3) CW-Doppler: the shape of the AR spectrum, 4) Diastolic flow reversal in the descending aorta: the suprasternal window, 5) Diastolic flow reversal PW-Doppler; - Consequences of AR; - Severe AR and indications for surgery; - Acute AR: causes and consequences.

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