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Case stories that stick

Ultrasound Device
US in emergencies and prehospital indications
In this post, Thomas Binder shares a personal story that vividly illustrates the thrill and significance of advanced medical practice in emergencies.
Wed, 20/12/2023
Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder
We are all afraid of missing the diagnosis of an aortic dissection in our medical careers. But what if we flip the situation around?
Mon, 18/12/2023
Sophie Wieser, MD
Today, we’d like to present you with a case of an infant born at an extremely low gestational age. The newborn's condition suddenly deteriorated and required resuscitation. The infant had severe bradycardia with a...
Mon, 18/12/2023
Sophie Wieser, MD
Case: Severe aortoiliac occlusion discovered in a 45-year-old's first arterial duplex exam.
Wed, 22/11/2023
Sophie Wieser, MD