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It was a very difficult decision. As many of you suggested, we did not want to put Brigitte’s life at risk. Her pulmonary pressure was more than 70 mmHg.
Wed, 28/07/2021
Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder
As doctors we are usually responsible for the life of ONE patient. However, this is not always the case...
Thu, 08/07/2021
Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder
Echocardiography is usually performed in the dark, but sometimes it makes sense to turn the lights on.
Mon, 28/06/2021
Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder
Isn’t it strange? Even though learning is an essential part of becoming competent as a health care professional nobody really taught us how to learn? Are the strategies we use effectively? And how does our ability...
Thu, 10/06/2021
Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder