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123sonography's ECHO Scholarship 2023


We want to support talented colleagues (Medical Doctors and sonographers) that lack the financial means (or, for some other reason, need support) to fund their careers in cardiovascular ultrasound.





The application process requires candidates to submit their CV, a motivational letter, and a letter of recommendation. Our extremely qualified board of directors will review all applications and decide on the five most eligible. The deadline for the applications is the 31st of January 2023 and we will announce the five winners on the 1st of March!



We are giving away five Scholarship Programs with a value of over 6000€ (6300 USD).

Free access to all Echocardiography courses + Carotid ultrasound. (40+ hours of online content) for six months.

We will track the progress of the users and award a Diploma at the end of the Program.

Scholarship Board

Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC

Director Echolaboratory
Medical University of Vienna

Thomas is founder and CEO of 123sonography. For more than a decade he has produced high-quality medical content for the company and has enabled hundreds of thousands of sonographers to improve their knowledge in ultrasound and echocardiography both "online" and as lecturer/course director. He held the position of director of echocardiography laboratory at the Medical University of Vienna for over 20 years and is a well-known cardiologist, scientist and teacher. He now heads the department of Digital Learning at the Teaching Center of the Medical University of Vienna to develop and implement new digital teaching strategies. His unique skill-set of profound knowledge, creativity and charismatic way of communication have found their way into 123sonography's top-quality products, contents and company culture.

Elena Surkova, MD, MSC, PhD

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals

Dr Elena Surkova is a Consultant Cardiologist with a special interest in Echocardiography and Cardiac magnetic resonance at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals (London, UK). She had been trained in multimodality cardiovascular imaging in leading Universities in Italy, Austria and UK and holds a PhD degree in Cardiology and MSc degree in Health Economics. She is a co-author of 53 peer-reviewed publications and 8 book chapters and has been actively involved in multiple projects by EACVI and 123sonography with main focus on advanced imaging of the right heart and imaging in congenital he

SHORT STATEMENT: I am passionate about healthcare and cardiovascular imaging in particular. I strongly believe that developments in medicine and technology along with a healthy lifestyle will lead to people living longer happier life. This is why it has never been a question for me whether to become a medical doctor or not. I was lucky to study, work and collaborate with wonderful colleagues in different countries within international research and educational projects supported by scholarships and grants by ESC, EACVI and OMI/AAF. Learning through these projects and working in a variety of environments including academic, clinical settings and industry allowed me to gain a multimodal experience which helped me to establish myself as a teacher, researcher and clinician. I am very pleased to support this fantastic educational project by 123sonography which will give a similar chance to young colleagues to expand their knowledge in the field of ultrasound and echocardiography and advance their medical career.



Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine
Mayo Clinic

Steven J. Lester, M.D., is a consultant in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Dr. Lester serves as associate medical director of the Mayo Clinic enterprise Department of Business Development as well as Contract and Payer Relations and serves as the medical director for the Complex Care Program. He is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University MedTech Accelerator program. He served a 10 year term as the Director of the Echocardiography Laboratory and initiated the cardiac sonographer training program at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

SHORT STATEMENT: Based on its configurability, the use of a harmless energy source, unparalleled both temporal and spatial resolution, echocardiography truly stands alone in the field of cardiovascular imaging in its ability to noninvasively dissect the various “morphophysiological” aspect of disease. I am inspired by the vision and mission of 123 sonography and now its scholarship program helping to promote and equity dimension to healthcare by providing cardiovascular ultrasound education to those in need.

Georg Goliasch, MD, PhD

Associate Professor at the Medical University of Vienna

Dr. Georg Goliasch is an expert in valvular heart disease, cardiac imaging and interventional cardiology. The main focus of his academic interests include structural interventions with specific interest on a more comprehensive understanding of functional mitral and tricuspid regurgitation to guide treatment decision-making for transcatheter repair techniques. These efforts resulted so far in more than 225 peer-reviewed publications including the highest ranked journals in Medicine (i.e. New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, British Medical Journal, European Heart Journal, Journal of the American College of Cardiology), several national and international research awards and grants, and a large number of presentations at international meetings. Since navigating between science and clinical routine is a major challenge for a student, Dr. Goliasch is particularly interested in guiding students in successfully combining clinical exposure with research training. This is also something he is aiming for in his role as Deputy Editor for Structural Interventions of the European Heart Journal – Case Reports.

SHORT STATEMENT: Cardiovascular imaging has revolutionized every aspect of daily clinical practice in cardiology with noticeable improvements in diagnosis and impact on patient management. The abilities of current imaging modalities to reveal details of various cardiac structures and physiology has made them an essential component of training and practice of every cardiovascular healthcare professional. Therefore, I am excited to support this educational project by 123sonography that will provide support and resources to early career imaging enthusiasts designed to help them learn, grow and lead.

Winners 2022

Ummul-khair Aliyu

Ummul-khair Aliyu

The 123 Sonography scholarship has fulfilled my dream. Pursuing echo courses with them and applying my knowledge in my daily practice has enabled me to become the sole cardiac sonographer in Kaduna state. My comprehensive understanding of echo and cardiac pathologies has gained the trust of numerous doctors and cardiologists. As a result, I can contribute to enhancing cardiac diagnostic procedures accessibility for patients in my area.

Gideon Tawiah

Gideon Tawiah

First and foremost, I say a very big thank you to the executives of 123sonography for initiating such a prestigious scholarship scheme to support talented health practitioners. I profoundly express my gratitude for awarding me the “123sonography Echo’s Scholarship”. Thank you for your generosity as I am honored to be one of the recipients of this important Program. Your open-handedness has helped reawaken a dream of furthering my study in cardiovascular studies. It has also brought back hope for my professional and academic career. I am very delighted about this opportunity. Granting me this prestigious scholarship has helped me to couple my potential of becoming a remarkable trainer of healthcare professionals. The class sections have really built my confident, skills and clinical correlation. This scholarship award has done me good in all my scanning skills. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me. I have lived a very and special life, learning a vast number of lessons along the way.

Maryam Ibrahim

Maryam Ibrahim

The 123Sonography echocardiography scholarship has been a pivotal step in propelling my career as a cardiac physiologist. Through this program, I received specialized training and access to core modules allowing me to refine my expertise in echocardiography and carotid ultrasound. This knowledge has enabled me to provide precise evaluation of cardiac function, leading to more accurate diagnoses which directly impacts on treatment modalities for patients. By studying the modules and applying them to my daily practice, I have obtained my Registered Cardiac Sonographer certification by Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI, USA) and actively working towards obtaining my British Society for Echocardiography certification. Additionally, the scholarship facilitated invaluable networking opportunities, connecting me with esteemed professionals and experts in the field. This scholarship has undoubtedly been the cornerstone of my professional growth, positioning me as a competent and dedicated practitioner in the realm of cardiovascular physiology. Finally, I want to express my profound gratitude to Prof Thomas Binder and his team for making this a reality!

Alma Neco

Alma Neco

I felt privileged to be selected as one of the scholarship awardees and I want to thank the 123 sonography team for this unique opportunity. It meant so much to me! As an anesthesiologist, when it comes to cardiac ultrasound, I don't get many chances to practice or be guided by professionals. Prof. Binder is an exceptional teacher. He can make not only echocardiography, but also cardiology so simple and now I feel a lot more confident when assessing the heart. With the practical tips and trick he shares, it almos feels like he is right there guiding me. We need more courses like this in our medical education!

Dr. Nan Htike Htike Lwin

Dr. Nan Htike Htike Lwin

American writer Helen Keller once said "Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the dark". That's very true. I've never thought that 123 sonography is that one friend. Thank you very much from the deepest part of my heart to all the members of 123 sonography.