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Ultrasound Device
A structure, referred to as a pseudokidney, is imaged and compared to CT imaging, showing the extent of the disease process of intestinal lymphoma.
Wed, 20/01/2010
Mariano Volpacchio, MD Juan Ignacio Fonseca Rocha, MD Agustina Agnetti, MD and José Luis Volpacchio, MD
Images depicting a micro gallbladder, an ideopathic condition associated with cystic fibrosis, are presented and other possible biliary complications are noted.
Wed, 20/01/2010
Shweta Bhatt, MD and Vikram Dogra, MD
Imaging from a man with right lower quaderant pain reveals a bullseye shaped structue with increased blood flow at the area of maximal tenderness, consistent with a finding of acute appendicitis.
Wed, 20/01/2010
P.K. Srivastava, MD
Images of bilateral chronically inflammed achilles tendons are shown, with calcifications. edema, and thickening of the tendons, suggestive of bilateral achilles tendinosis.
Wed, 20/01/2010
Leandro Fernandez, MD