Do you have superpowers?


Dear colleague,

I guess we all know: Working as a health care professional can be quite exhausting, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is an upside:

There is no other profession I know where we get so much in return.

And there are these special moments where our work makes all the difference for our patients.

Ultrasound is (literally speaking) often a bit in the dark and gets less attention than maybe invasive therapies, surgery of the therapeutics altogether. Still ultrasound is an important corner stone as we put our patients on the right path.

Many view imaging as nothing else as taking a few pictures that tell you what the problem is. All you need to do is press a button and here comes the diagnosis.

What really matters

Despite all the “buzz “on artificial intelligence and automated image interpretation, it is my strong belief that it is those who perform and read the images that make all the difference. It is their knowledge, their experience and their skills that determine if a diagnosis is missed or not. But even more: if the patient is put on the right therapeutic track.

You in the spotlight

Inspired by the public view that “Health care professionals are the true heroes of the COVID-19 crisis” we want to also put those into the spotlight who for many years, long before the pandemic erupted were standing in the first row day by day and share their stories of success.

We will also share ours in our forthcoming “heroes newsletters series” so that you can learn from them.

In the meantime here is a little quiz so see if you have “superpowers” Look closely. Can you detect the (not so obvious) problems in the three examples?

Just a bit of dyspnea

ICD in a young SCD survivor

A Routine exam

Post you thoughts below and I will provide the answers in a few days. You will be surprised!

To give all of you a chance to perform more heroic acts we also used the heroes theme as our motto for a huge offer. We want to give all of you the chance to create marvels.

Watch you inbox for our offer.


Take care and don’t forget to let us know more about your heroic acts.

Best Thomas and the 123sonography team