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Martin Altersberger

Resident in Anesthesiology<br> Medical University of Vienna

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From aiding diagnosis during emergencies to guiding medical procedures, POCUS is revolutionizing patient care. Join us as we uncover its wide-ranging applications and how it enhances diagnostic accuracy.
Tue, 26/03/2024
Katherine Eller, AMS Martin Altersberger Patricia Koster, AMS Dirk Becker Wilfried Röthy, MD Birgit Sticht, SMC and Markus Haumer, MD
The annual EuroEcho conference is just around the corner (4-7 December 2019). It is always a fantastic meeting, and I am looking forward, especially since it takes place in my hometown Vienna. One of the sessions ...
Wed, 30/10/2019
Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC and Martin Altersberger
What is septal flash? In this video, our echo-specialists explain what septal flash is and what pathologies are associated with it.
Fri, 02/08/2019
Martin Altersberger and Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC
Diastolic function is defined as/describes the filling of the heart during diastole. The left ventricle is filled with blood initially by a pressure gradient between the left atrium (LA) and the left ventricle (LV...
Mon, 08/04/2019
Martin Altersberger and Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC
Have you ever wondered whether identical twins look the same on the outside as well as the inside? How similar do their hearts look?
Thu, 02/04/2015
Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC Gabriella Versess, MD Matthias Schneider, MD, MSc and Martin Altersberger
Complexity scares us. It tends to defy our comprehension skills. However, we sometimes make things more complex than they actually are.
Tue, 20/11/2012
Martin Altersberger and Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC