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MSK Shoulder Summer Programme 2022

Fundamental and Advanced
MSK Shoulder Ultrasound

Enjoy a tailor-made CME accredited learning experience with
Q&A live sessions and 20+ hours of high-quality content.

choose MSK Ultrasound of the Shoulder Joint program

A tailor-made learning experience What is special about this programme? Live Sessions & 20+ Hours of high-quality Content


The MSK Shoulder Summer Programme 2022 is designed to help you learn everything about shoulder MSK. It is different to our other courses as it not only contains CME accredited, high-quality video lessons but also Q&A live sessions with the possibility to ask questions or bring up specific topics.


Extensive Online Programme covering MSK Ultrasound of shoulder regions.

This brand-new eLearning course is designed for all MSK healthcare professionals who wish to learn how to examine the shoulder joint with MSK ultrasound. This advanced online program will cover five different areas of the shoulder joint. We'll discuss detailed (sono)anatomy, both at a foundational and advanced level. Many demo videos will show how to scan the shoulder structures statically and dynamically. We won’t only show the positions from the standard protocol but go beyond this.

MSK Summer School 2022 Complete online Ultrasound Teaching Course on MSK Shoulder Joint


Enroll now and be part of the class of MSK Shoulder Summer Programme 2022. The programme has more than 20 hours of top-notch content and lasts until December 15th. Learn everything you need about shoulder MSK, whether you are a beginner or a specialist; we will pick you up from the right place. Submit your questions before your class's exclusive live sessions and get the right answers.

GET GUIDANCE ON MSK We will guide you through this topic


We will guide you through this topic with the perfect mix of online sessions, live streams, and self-paced learning modules you can repeat whenever you want. Our unique didactic approach will give you the best results, in a small class, with exactly the right learning time fitting into your stressful day.

Release Schedule

  • MODULE 1
    July 1st 2022

    Ventral Shoulder

    Introduction, Biceps, Pectoralis major, Rotator interval, Subscapularis, Coracoid Process + Q&A Live Session

  • MODULE 2
    July 29th 2022

    SASD Bursa & Supraspinatus

    SASD bursa, SSP anatomy, SSP Demo, SSP pathology + Q&A Live Session

  • MODULE 3
    Sept. 16th 2022

    Superior, Dorsal and Inferior Shoulder

    AC / SC / Clavicula, Infaspinatus/teres minor, Axilla + Q&A Live Session

  • MODULE 4
    Nov. 4th 2022

    Glenohumeral, nerves, and Scapulothoracic Joint

    Glenohumeral joint, Nerves, Scapular, Closing + Q&A Live Session


In this module, we'll discuss the ventral shoulder region. Anatomical tissues that are being taught are the long head of the biceps, the pectoralis major, the rotator interval, the subscapularis, the ventral labrum, and the coracoid process and it’s inserting/originating tissues. A few from the many pathologies that will be discussed are: tendon tearing (complete versus partial), tenosynovitis, muscle tearing, frozen shoulder, and trauma’s.


In this module, we’ll discuss the supraspinatus region, such as supraspinatus tendon, supraspinatus muscle, the coracoacromial arch (ligament and acromion), and the SASD bursa. Pathologies that are being discussed include tendinopathy, partial tearing tendon, complete tearing tendon, muscular fatty infiltration, impingement, and bursitis.


In this module, you will be taught the superior, posterior and inferior aspects of the shoulder such as the AC- and SC joints, the clavicula, the infraspinatus, teres minor and major, the quadrilateral space, the posterior recess and labrum, the axillary recess and axillary muscles. Pathologies being discussed include fractures, trauma, degenerations, tendon, and muscle pathologies.


In this module, the scapular region and its inserting muscles are discussed. Scapular winging and scapular dyskinesis are being discussed.


MSK Shoulder Course Speaker MARC SCHMITZ


MSK Shoulder Course Speaker Magnus Wennerlund

Magnus Wennerlund

Physiotherapist/orthopedic Assistant
Västerås Hospital, Sweden
MSK Shoulder Course Speaker Maarten Moen

Maarten Moen, MD, PhD

Sports Medicine Physician, The Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation; Bergman Clinics
Västerås Hospital, Sweden


  • 20+ Hours of TOP-NOTCH Content
  • CME Credits (pending)
  • Ideal Mix of Live Streams & Online-Learning
  • Live Sessions (you can submit your questions in advance)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Introductory Chapter of MSK BachelorClass included
€ 777
  • 21+ Hours of TOP-NOTCH Content
  • CME Credits (pending)
  • Ideal Mix of Live Streams & Online-Learning
  • Live Sessions (you can submit your questions in advance)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Introductory Chapter of MSK BachelorClass included
€ 860