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Emergency Ultrasound BachelorClass

11 chapters that will bring you to the next level


Introduction to Clinical Ultrasound

12:55 Chapter 1

Why learn clinical ultrasound? This 12-minute video will change how you practice medicine forever. It covers the history of ultrasound and how it has been integrated into medical specialties beyond traditional users. Finally, you will see why you can not safely practice clinical medicine today without bedside ultrasound skills.

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Ultrasound Physics

22:07 Chapter 2

Physics can be intimidating and frustrating. Do not worry! This 22-minute module is a practical and simplified explanation of how medical ultrasound works. Very little math, and concepts that are easy to understand.

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24:50 Chapter 3

 Ultrasound equipment appears complicated and difficult to use. However, this 25-minute module introduces the difference components of all ultrasound systems and how they effect the image on the screen. It's easier than it looks

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Abdominal & Retroperitoneal Anatomy

15:14 Chapter 4

Do you really remember how all the parts fit together in the abdomen? In just 15 minutes this module will take you back to your anatomy class while showing how organs of the intraperitoneal cavity and retroperitoneum look when visualized by ultrasound. You will be surprised by how easy it is

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Abdominal & Retroperitoneal Pathology

37:00 Chapter 5

Abdominal pain is one of the most frequent reasons for patients to present for your care, and the differential for their problem is often long and complicated. With just three short lectures, we will empower you with the ability to diagnose and correctly manage common and dangerous pathologies.

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Ultrasound guided Vascular Access

29:23 Chapter 6

All clinicians encounter patients with difficult venous access. What do you do if you cannot administer intravenous medications in critically ill patients? This module will teach you how to place intravenous catheters under ultrasound guidance. Both central and peripheral venous access techniques are discussed. Video length is 30 minutes.

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Basic Cardiac Ultrasound

21:50 Chapter 7

The patient is gasping for air. Is it their heart? This 22-minute video teaches you all the basic views of the heart while introducing you to the critical diagnoses of congestive heart failure and pericardial effusion.

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Female Pelvic Anatomy

14:47 Chapter 8

How does pelvic anatomy all fit together? It is much easier than you think with ultrasound. This 15-minute module covers basic female pelvic anatomy and gets you ready to change the way you evaluate and manage female reproductive pathology forever.

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Gynecologic Pathology

17:48 Chapter 9

Evaluating and managing female pelvic pain can be difficult and frustrating. Often you are left "guessing" what is going on. With this 18-minute video, you will see how easy it is to identify and manage a number of non-pregnant pelvic pathologies.

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1st Trimester Pregnancy

23:33 Chapter 10

This is a 23-minute module on how to evaluate and manage patients by ultrasound during the first trimester of pregnancy. The video introduces all the critical structures that appear during a normal intrauterine pregnancy. Then it covers the ultrasound appearance of abnormal intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy. Finally, the module gives you a management strategy to safely manage these patients in your practice.

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Trauma Ultrasound

29:35 Chapter 11

Trauma patients cause a lot of anxiety. Is something dangerous going on? This 30-minute video will show how to find nearly every life-threatening injury in trauma and help you make the right management decisions.

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