A Day in the Fast Lane with Dr. Ben Thal

Experiencing the Impact of pPOCUS with a Master

In this post, I'm excited to share a personal story that vividly illustrates the thrill and significance of advanced medical practice in emergencies.

Meet Dr. Ben Thal, an adrenaline "junkie" with a passion for emergency medicine. His personality is as dynamic as the field he excels in. Dr. Thal is not just a senior physician at the Viennese Emergency Service; he's a personification of the energy and resilience needed in this high-stakes profession.

Dr. Thomas Binder and Dr. Ben Thal.
After a long day – A photo with Ben Thal

His driving skills are nothing short of spectacular – imagine cruising at high speed along the famous Ringstrasse, a feat that had always been a dream of mine until I experienced it with him.

“Cruising” past the Vienna Opera house.

As a paramedic or emergency service physician, you must be quick-thinking, highly skilled, and ready for anything. Dr. Thal embodies all these qualities, making him the perfect instructor for our upcoming pPOCUS (Prehospital Point-of-Care Ultrasound) online video course tailored for paramedics and emergency physicians.

I recently had the honor of spending a day with Dr. Thal, equipped with a handheld pPOCUS device. This technology is a game changer in critical situations. The cases we encountered ranged from patients with suspected myocardial infarctions to those with pulmonary embolisms and even individuals who had suffered severe trauma from falling off bridges. 

In these critical situations, the handheld pPOCUS proved invaluable, enabling us to make quick and accurate diagnoses crucial for effective management.

One incident that stood out was a patient with pulmonary congestion. All I needed to do to confirm the diagnosis was a quick look at the heart and the lungs. 

Poor left ventricular function and old Anterior myocardial infarction
Lung ultrasound (B-lines confirms pulmonic congestion)

But often, it was not so much to make the diagnosis but to rule out pathologies such as a relevant form of pulmonary embolism. 

Normal size and function of the right ventricle, rules out hemodynamic significant pulmonary embolism

But it wasn't only about the technology. It was about seeing how Dr. Thal's humor and focused expertise created an environment of calm amidst chaos and how his extensive experience shone through in every decision. 

Picture of paramedics of Viennese Emergency Service during trauma resuscitation
Dr. Ben Thal during trauma resuscitation on the railroad tracks (attempted suicide)

His work, and that of his team, is invaluable. They operate at the edge of what is possible with a level of competence and dedication that is truly inspiring.

Our upcoming course, led by an extraordinary individual, aims to impart these critical skills to healthcare professionals like you. It's more than just learning how to use a tool; it's about developing the mindset and agility needed in emergency medical situations. We will provide footage from emergencies to help you learn how ultrasound should be applied.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting educational opportunity. In the meantime, let's all take a moment to appreciate the remarkable individuals who make a difference in emergency medicine daily.

Warm regards,

Thomas Binder

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