Who We Are – 123sonography Team

We are a team of cardiologists from the medical university of Vienna / Austria but we also have strong ties to other national and international institutions, hospitals and experts.


Thomas Binder, MD

"Give me an echo machine! I am lost without it"

Thomas, a.k.a. "Tommy" is professor at the Medical University of Vienna and heads the echo lab    there. Tommy has over 20 years of echo experience. Aside from his scientific work dealing with    topics such as 3D echocardiography, cardiac resynchronization therapy, speckle tracking and    clinical research, he was always strongly dedicated to teaching and has done so for many years.    Over the years he has seen what works and teaches it to his students.


Georg Goliasch, MD, PhD

"It’s done"

Georg has been with us from the start when he was still a medical student. Within no time he received his MD and completed his PhD in Vascular Biology. Georg has already published numerous articles in renowned medical journals and completed a research fellowship in cardiovascular imaging at the Mount Sinai Hospital (New York, US). Most of the teaching material you will see in our courses has been optimized, proof-read and tweaked by him. He’s the sine qua non of 123sonography.

Oliver Hübler

"No problem, it can be done"

The tech wizard. Oliver is the master of the visible and the invisible. The creator of our online    infrastructure, the architect behind your user experience. You tell him what you want and he has    the solution. He has a real interest for medicine, which makes him ideal for the job. Oliver has    an education in computer technology and received his Bachelor of Science in web design and    development. Ever since he joined our team, things are running much smoother.

Saskia Erbschwendner

"Just do it"

Saskia is the heart and soul of 123sonography. After studying communication sciences and working  in the Public Relations sector she joined the 123sonography team to support a great idea with  passion. Saskia  is our chief operating officer; she pulls the strings in the background and  makes you feel at home. Even though Saskia is from Salzburg she lives in a "different" time  zone. She gets really active at night. If you are from the other side of the "pond" don´t be  surprised to receive an email without delay. Saskia takes care of all the administrative things.  Without her, WE would be totally in the dark.

Mag. Sujata Wagner

Sujata joined our team when we came to realize that learning occurs best when videos are complemented by text. Sujata edits our newsletter, polishes our ebook entries, and makes them easy to understand. Sujata was born in India, where she studied history and German. She has worked as a medical translator and in medical journalism for several years.

More information

Jutta Bergler-Klein MD

Jutta is our expert on aortic stenosis - one of THE most important topics in echocardiography. Early on in her career, she specialized in valve disease and echocardiography. She has published in various prestigious journals such as Circulation, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the European Heart Journal and even the New England Journal of Medicine. In her free time, Jutta likes boating on a nearby lake and spending time with her family, Jutta will teach you everything about the tips and tricks of aortic stenosis evaluation and management. She's looking forward to "seeing you in class".



  • Marion Fassbach – Sonography application specialist
  • Inge Vorraber – Graphics and Design
  • Irene Ksica – Graphics and Illustrations
  • Amit Vadehra – Medical content production