What Our Community Says

23sonography courses has many unique features, they are easy,accessible, and funny. Study became not boring for the first time in my life. I consider your course as a new era in field of medical education. Me and my patients deeply appreciate your amazing work... Many thanks

I joined echo master class few months back. I learned a lot from this platform. The teaching style of Mr. Thomas is very nice, as he has very sound knowledge of echo and excellent skills of teaching. Few days ago I was able to diagnose a patient of acute Aortic Dissection, complicated with acute AR, and diastolic MR. Patient was operated with Bental procedure and having same findings as on echo, and he is enjoying a good health now. So I am very satisfied to join this club and recommend others to do so for saving humanity.

Thank you very much for the program, I'm very new to the echochardiogram but through the 123sonography team and their program I have been able to view the heart and its valves in different views. I practice very hard to become competent. And thank you very much for always being available and supportive whenever I have asked for help. I'm looking forward to learn more from you guys. 

Adam Wailes, Nigeria


I started to learn echocardiography during residency in cardiology but didn't achieve advanced level. During my cardiology practice with a busy schedule, just didn't have enough time to continue to sharp skills as I wanted. One of my colleagues told me about 123sonography and I registered to trial course. After that, decided to start with the masterclass. It changed my understanding about echocardiography and brought me to a different field. Now I am confident in doing echocardiography. There are some situations when I need expert help, but in majority of cases can solve the case myself. I am still learning but doing this from a new perspective. The echocardiography helps me in emergency room in patients with acute coronary syndrome, in consulting outpatients, I use bedside echocardiography when monitor patient's response to the treatment or when I am adjusting CRT devices. 

Radu Darciuc, Republic of Moldova

I am truly pleased with the Echo masterclass course. I was able to complete it in twenty-five days. The teaching style of Dr. Binder is relaxed and slow paced. I particularly like that each chapter is divided into short sub-chapters and in this regard information is delivered in small chunks. The echo atlas proved an excellent resource and I find myself referring to it often. The website was well laid out and user friendly. I must also thank the support team for their fast and accurate correspondence. I highly recommend this course to all junior and veteran doctors in Cardiology.

Dr. D. Ramnarase, Trinidad and Tobago

Echo can be made so easy, was an exceptional job, made possible by Sir Thomas, Bruno and Madam Ana. Simply they are worth loving. High resolution videos and clarity of the voices makes the course incredibly sticky to the memory.In my whole life i never learnt so much in such a short period, and without running after it. They not only gave me courage and confidence to hold the probe by my totally unskilled hands, but also provided me with "respect" in my working Department. I will join "Abdominal Ulrtrasonography" and "Echo Master Class" in near future. My advice is "try it"

Tahir Mehmood Bangash, United Arab Emirates

123sonography educational program is incredibly helpful for teaching transthoracic echocardiography to the non-cardiologists like me. As anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist I would like to emphasize that 123sonography has played a leading role in improving my daily practice to use echocardiography in intensive care unit, and to get a better understanding of the clinical situation. If there is something I really want to do is to get a permanent membership in 123sonography, because this will give me a tremendous clinical experience. The webinar method to get on-line teaching is the way to future teaching, and 123sonography has already successfully proven that it is a very helpful educational tool! Finally I would like to express my thankfulness, gratefulness and admiration of the great effort that Dr.Binder and co has done!!

Akil Raad Walli, Anesthetist Roskilde hospital Denmark
Learning Echo was a big challenge in my life.. But thanks to Prof Thomas Binder.. and his team of 123 Sonography, I accomplished it successfully and enjoyed doing it passionately. It has been of great help in my profession as a Physician. I thank you Prof and the entire team for the wonderfully and tactfully done course and support you have given me through this course in terms of the presentation of the lectures, answering queries and personal attention given. It was definitely a life changing experience to me and recommend it to everyone who wishes to master echo.

Dr. Hussein Bhalloo, Tanzania
The echo-cardiography course teached by Prof. Binder is one of the best online courses with a wonderful method that give order to any spred knowledge. I am thankful of all 123sonography.com to give me this great possibility.I recommend to every physician with a knowledge of echocardiography.

Hamidreza Nasereslami, Italy
Learning echocardiography was my dream, after coming in touch with 123 and attending live course in Dubai with Prof BINDER and with MASTERCLASS the dream has turned into PASSION. With Masterclass, online webinars , case stories from 123sonography ,NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM BEING EXPERT IN ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY. THANK YOU to the whole team for making this dream come true for me.

Dr Khuzeima Khanbhai, Tanzania