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123sonography educational program is incredibly helpful for teaching transthoracic echocardiography to the non-cardiologists like me. As anesthesiologist and intensive care specialist I would like to emphasize that 123sonography has played a leading role in improving my daily practice to use echocardiography in intensive care unit, and to get a better understanding of the clinical situation. If there is something I really want to do is to get a permanent membership in 123sonography, because this will give me a tremendous clinical experience. The webinar method to get on-line teaching is the way to future teaching, and 123sonography has already successfully proven that it is a very helpful educational tool! Finally I would like to express my thankfulness, gratefulness and admiration of the great effort that Dr.Binder and co has done!!

Akil Raad Walli, Anesthetist Roskilde hospital Denmark
Learning Echo was a big challenge in my life.. But thanks to Prof Thomas Binder.. and his team of 123 Sonography, I accomplished it successfully and enjoyed doing it passionately. It has been of great help in my profession as a Physician. I thank you Prof and the entire team for the wonderfully and tactfully done course and support you have given me through this course in terms of the presentation of the lectures, answering queries and personal attention given. It was definitely a life changing experience to me and recommend it to everyone who wishes to master echo.

Dr. Hussein Bhalloo, Tanzania
The echo-cardiography course teached by Prof. Binder is one of the best online courses with a wonderful method that give order to any spred knowledge. I am thankful of all 123sonography.com to give me this great possibility.I recommend to every physician with a knowledge of echocardiography.

Hamidreza Nasereslami, Italy
Learning echocardiography was my dream, after coming in touch with 123 and attending live course in Dubai with Prof BINDER and with MASTERCLASS the dream has turned into PASSION. With Masterclass, online webinars , case stories from 123sonography ,NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM BEING EXPERT IN ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY. THANK YOU to the whole team for making this dream come true for me.

Dr Khuzeima Khanbhai, Tanzania

I have been working in the echo cardiology for more than 20 years now, but for this time I have never come across something so professional and well – explained. I have learned many things ranging from echo graph settings to pathologies. I am very grateful for the lessons, e – atlas library, and the book.

Pencho Troanski, Bulgaria

Why I choose 123sonography for my continuing education:
I have been a member of 123sonography since its inception. I have recommended it to Doctors and Sonographers from Africa-USA. The reasons are simple. The Best rich content anywhere in this field. Very knowledgeable instructors and lecturers who deliver with simplicity and making learning fun. More live examples with explanations than available anywhere else. Price.. and most importantly, I have always had promot and excellent customer service, Everytime.!!
I am very happy with my choice and would recommend it to everyone looking for cream of the crop training in this field.
Sammy Saki SS Odonkor. RDCS. Tulsa. OK. U.S.A
If you want to learn use books, but if you really want to do master echocardiography in comprehensive but easy way: try 123sonography, it will be life changing experience for you!“

Milan Gluhović,
Bosnia and Herzegowina

The 123Sonography Master Class is a phenomenal program for gaining knowledge of transthoracic echocardiography.The e-learning platform is quite simple to navigate through, and the quality of the videos and images is quite good. Access to the 6000 video clips helps enforce the material learned through the didactic sessions and quizzes. As an attending anesthesiologist with a full time commitment to the care of patients, it was extremely convenient to be able to take this course from home or while on call at work. This course has given me the ability to examine patients in the acute care and perioperative setting and to feel confident that I can improve the quality of care I provide. It has also allowed me to engage my cardiology colleagues in more robust discussions about diagnostic and management decisions. I loved this course and recommend it highly to anyone who wants to take to the next level the quality of care they provide to their patients.

Steven Feldstein, MD, USA

I recently completed the Echo Masterclass. I signed up thinking that it would be a great way to accumulate necessary CMEs, for the most part. Needless to say, I soon found out that it was so much more than that! I came away so impressed! The material covered, the method of delivery and the instructor (s) are all top notch. I have been in ultrasound for approximately 9 years. I pride myself on my knowledge of echo. I must say, this course opened my eyes and made me realize just how much I didn't know. Very humbling, indeed. I want to say thank you for such a great course; It is worth twice the cost in my book. Keep up the excellent work.

Steve Moon, BS, RDCS, RDMS

In the past few years of my career I was craving to learn echocardiography realizing how it is a powerful tool in settings like mine where rheumatic heart diseases are so rampant.After searching training opportunities I found www.123sonography.com web which I instantaneously signed up without even knowing the details.For your surprise I was struggling to learn echocardiography on my own way;unfortunately it was very challenging as well as frustrating in the absence of proper couching.The Master class courses delivered by Prof.Tommy and his team are so extraordinary making me confident echocardiographer in just a few months time.I strongly recommend all physicians and sonographers specifically those working in resource limited set up to subscribe and learn these state of the art echacardiography training while at home.
Thanks www.123sonography.com team

Kibrete Wolde
Internist from Malawi