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Echo MasterClass

Principles of Echocardiography (updated chapter)

Chapter 1
Presenter: Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC

What you will learn

This chapter will provide you with the fundamentals of ultrasound. Since we do not expect you to become a physicist or ultrasound engineer, we focus on the essentials. This chapter will help you understand how medical ultrasound works, the limitations, and how to optimize your scanner. Here we also provide in-depth information and knowledge, which will help you to pass the "Physics and instrumentation" part of your exam. Here are the topics that we will cover:

• How images are generated

• Artifacts that show the influence of imaging frequency

• Quality factors of 2D images

• Spectral Doppler: pulsed wave and continuous wave

• Flow dynamics in the heart

• Importance of the Bernoulli equation

• Color Doppler - how it works

• How to optimize images

• How to use the echo machine

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