Our Courses

123sonography’s core mission is to help you become skillful echo Ninjas. In addition to our free services, there are several products that are wickedly effective and that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Let’s check them out real quick….

The products that we are talking about are the results of countless years of echo experience. We have gathered our most valuable knowledge, strategies and tools and turned them into powerful online training resources.

  1. The Masterclass: Taking place just a few times per year. Students accepted into the Masterclass will experience a six month unprecedented teaching environment with video lectures, patient demos, interactive quizzes, live teaching sessions and much, much more. The Masterclass was specifically designed for people who want to become expert echocardiographers in a short period of time. After attending the Masterclass, you will be able to examine over 95% of patients without the help of a more experienced colleague. Want to learn more about how you can jumpstart your career and become a true echo expert? Read the full Masterclass description here.

  2. The Premium Membership: The 123sonography reference resource. The Membership platform was designed for echocardiographers who want to look up important and useful information quickly and easily. No need to sift through countless passages of unnecessary information. Do you want to know how to examine mitral stenosis? Just watch the respective demo video. Do you want to learn about the continuity equation? Just look it up in the e-book. Do you want to learn the appearance of Tako-Tsubo? Just check out the countless cases in our online Echo Atlas. The Premium Membership provides you with the most useful information – wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Read more about the Premium Membership here.

Our products were created by echocardiographers – for echocardiographers. We know how to become true experts and we would love to show it to you as well.