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This course was worth 16 CME credits

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October 10–12, 2015

Teaching objectives

  • Improve your imaging skills
  • Perform a comprehensive echo exam
  • Standard views and expert views
  • Tips and tricks of imaging
  • Quantification of LV function and size
  • Detecting wall motion abnormalities
  • Assessing valvular heart disease
  • Therapeutic strategies in valvular lesions
  • Clinical scenarios in multi-valvular disease
  • Echocardiographic patterns of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Pericardial effusion how to detect is and what the consequence is
  • New surgical procedures and how to assess them with echo
  • Prosthetic valves
  • Infection in the heart - how reliable is echocardiography
  • A simple approach to congenital heart disease
  • and much much more
  • 16 CME credits





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