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I have improved my Echo Scanning Skills tremendously as well as my knowledge of the most important Clinical Aspects when performing and evaluating a patient with an Echocardiogram. I am impressed of how easy you explain the most difficult topic of Echocardiography. 

You are really amazing as Educator. Not all the teachers have this talent. Thank you very much for your great work.

Jose Garcia-Hernandez MD, Orlando, USA

123sonography IS THE BEST ONLINE ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY COURSE that you can find. Masterclass is a well-structured course with an awesome teaching me- thod, easy to understand and very fun, covering all the aspects that you could need to learn, and using incre- dible videos, amazing cases, a huge case atlas, webi- nars, games, quizs, a blog, facebook posts,... it seems endless. It has greatly improved my knowledge and skills in echocardiography and definetely it changed my daily practice. Even it was very helpful to pass the transthora- cic echocardiography certification exam.

José Carlos Moreno, Malaga, Spain

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