Sitting in a hard straight backed chair, rear end starting to go numb, the teacher is up front lecturing but you find your mind wandering out the window to the courtyard or doodling on your note pad instead of taking notes. Traditional classes have regimented days and times in which you and your classmates must meet with the teacher and listen to lectures and take notes and so on. If you find yourself daydreaming in class you can lose much of the valuable information contained in the lecture. If this is you, then you should check out the web site 123

If you are taking an echocardiography course, are interested in studying echocardiography, or even if you are a technologist already working in the field that wants to keep on top of cutting edge developments in the world of echocardiography, then our site at 123 is just what you need to supplement your educational needs.

Developed by a top notch team of doctors from the cardiology department of the Medical University of Vienna Austria, 123 offers an interactive learning environment in addition to any echocardiography course with 22 video lectures and over 800 echo examples and demonstrations. The classes available on 123 are set up much like your traditional echocardiography courses with individual chapters each pertaining to a different anomaly with even the most basic ideals as well for instance, there are chapters on The Principals of Echocardiography and even one on How to Image. Then there are those that are more advanced on principles like valvular stenosis and the different cardiomyopathies.

When taking a class on our site, the lectures are presented in informative and innovative video formats with printable notes for your convenience. At the end of each chapter there is a quiz to ensure that you are retaining what you have studied. You can monitor your progress and keep track of your scores. There is a forum available where you can post questions and reply to questions from fellow students as well. Downloadable podcasts are available for portability.

Most notably, the best part about our program is the convenience of the available echocardiography courses. At, classroom time is when you can fit it into your busy schedule. You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to have a classroom like atmosphere and lecture session that can be watched again and again until you feel comfortable with your mastery of the information.

Here are just a few testimonials from past visitors to our site:

When I first got in touch with 123sonography I was on cloud nine. Now I am addicted. Working through textbooks is not necessary anymore. That’s the way learning becomes autodynamic. Thank you for this big step forward future learning.

Christof H. MD, Vienna, Austria

This is the best learning resource of echocardiography that can be found on net. Promised!

Nenad K. MD, Surdulica, Serbia

It is fantastic to see the emergence of new web-based medical education resources that are professionally produced and of the very highest quality. Registration is free but the full online course will require paid subscription. Still, there is some really great content that can be accessed free of charge.

Chris Nickson

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