To earn any degree or learn any new material those of us not lucky enough to have been born with a photographic memory must rely at least in part on books. In the field of medicine, specifically ultrasound, this is the case as well if not more so as there are books upon books of every sort for the aspiring student of echocardiography to choose from. In this ocean of echocardiography books that are available, how can we pick out a few of the better ones, the ones that are worth dedicating our precious time to reading front to back until they're tattered and torn and carrying in our pockets like a bible for quick reference? Here we will discuss some of the better books by trusted authors that are easy to read and comprehend the materials fully.

If you are engaged in the study of echocardiography, you have probably already studied in depth your anatomy and physiology and pharmacology as well as ethics and medical law books. As you begin to peruse your books on echocardiography itself one of the first ports of call will be your physics of ultrasound.

For beginners especially the physics of ultrasound can strike terror in the heart, quicken the pulse, and cause a sweat to stand out on the brow. Not to fear, there is a book for you! It's called "Understanding Ultrasound Physics" by Sidney K. Edelman. Mr. Edelman is a well known and respected teacher in the world of ultrasound physics and in his book he gives you easy to understand examples and all the formulas are broken down for a ready recollection. He also has a web site and travels around doing symposiums that might be of interest.

Also available is "Ultrasound Physics and Technology; How, Why, and When" by Vivien Gibbs, David Cole, and Antonio Sassano. This book was written for health practitioners and students that are new to diagnostic medical ultrasound. The text provides all the basic physics and technological knowledge you need in order to practice ultrasound effectively, including the safety aspects of ultrasound, quality assurance and the latest techniques and developments.

Once the school of ultrasound physics is mastered more or less, the student may turn to echocardiography books that lean more towards technique, different disease processes and how they are identified on ultrasound, as well as congenital anomalies.

Because popularity is a positive feedback cycle, the most objective index of popularity of any book is by its sale. The more “hot” a book is, the more it is sold and referred to by others either in person or in reviews and is therefore sold even more, and thus becomes one of the top ranked on Amazon. (

The top three selling hardcover books are as follows.

1. Echo Facts

The brand new 1st edition of Echo Facts written by Georg Goliasch and Thomas Binder (09/2014) is a reference guide, study book & atlas for echocardiography.
252 pages structured in 25 chapters are full of the most recent guidelines and normal values, a lot of useful tips & tricks, more than 480 illustrations.
It includes a lot of practical tips and tricks and online access to over 180 online video examples and is a companion for your daily work.
Dr. med. univ. Michael Mandak, Graz, Austria says: Echo Facts by Georg Goliasch and Thomas Binder is a top reference tool for the experienced echocardiographer as well as the perfect textbook for the rookie. It is concise, absolutely up-to-date, very systematic and easy to read.

1. Feigenbaum's Echocardiography

Seventh edition of Feigenbaum’s Echocardiography is an ultimate prescription for those intending to master the art of echocardiography. In 24 highly organized chapters, virtually every aspect of the echo is addressed in detail with clinical relevance. Superb colorful illustrations, huge collection of rich photographs with concomitant real time loops on DVD, clear and concise text explaining complex pathophysiological, physical and hemodynamic concepts in simple palatable fashion and ACC/AHA guidelines for each chapter make this book the top seller. Included on the DVD is a video atlas with thirteen hundred plus high quality video loops and four video tutorials on echo interpretation. Simply, Feigenbaum in echocardiography is like The Guyton in physiology. (Warning! The book has addictive potential)

2. Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography by Catherine Otto

This magnum opus by Catherine M. Otto, one of the foremost teachers and writers in this field, is globally considered the bible of echocardiography. Because she has authored a huge reference book “The Practice of Clinical Echocardiography”, the text book would better be coded a “mini bible”. She has adopted a problem-based technique to echocardiography in which she successfully “programs” the reader’s mind with a clinical approach to Echocardiography. In this fourth Edition (2009), reader comes across a frame work of basic ultrasound principles, flow physiology and echo views in early chapters followed by detailed descriptions of specific diseases. As no echo book is complete without images and illustrations, this book is filled with high quality, pertinent and “provocative” images. The book also tells where to “stop” and “detour” to look for some other way to reach the diagnosis. Latest advanced echo techniques-such as contrast echo, 3D echo, intra cardiac echo and myocardial mechanics (strain rate imaging, speckle tracking, and synchrony) are exquisitely explained. The echo exam section at the end of the book is a summary and serves a quick guide for day to day practice.

3. Essential Echocardiography: A Practical Handbook with DVD by Scott D. Solomon (Nov 10, 2006)

This magic work by Solomon has a supernatural simplicity and sympathy in explaining fairly frowning fundamental concepts of echo. A must read for every beginner as before jumping into deep oceans, a beginner is taught in controlled pools. Considering it a primer, an echo student will develop physiological, anatomical, and diagnostic grounding over which one can establish thorough understanding of echo discipline. Echo Images and creatively crafted conceptual illustrations are the hallmark of the book. DVD as a dynamic atlas is also part of the package. The book quickly develops amity with the reader, a quality that made this the third top seller on Amazon right beneath the two giants.

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