Echo Atlas

Our echo Atlas includes over 5000 cases and examples of almost any echo-relevant pathology you can think of. You can use the Atlas in many different ways – Do you want to learn about aortic stenosis, then check out the interesting teaching cases on this important disease. Do you want to look for special features like “severe mitral regurgitation” or “severely reduced left ventricular function”? – Well, then just search for these characteristics and study the countless examples in our Atlas. These are just some examples of how our students use the Atlas.

Learn more about what other students say about our Atlas:

…..The atlas is so rich, one can hardly find so many pathologies just by working in one hospital….

-Irina Modrigan, MD, Tirgu Mures, Romania

…Plus you have a big atlas, where you can find almost any pathology you want; and a factsheet where all the information is summarized. And did I mention how eager I wait for your podcasts? ...

-Maria-Corina G, Bucharest, Romania

…The Atlas is a good advantage to the course - extremely useful when you see something "strange" at work - immediately in the evening you can double check in the Atlas what it might have been…

-Piotr Paczko, Gdansk, Poland

…I loved the real time scanning demonstrations, the lectures as well as the excellent cases in the "Atlas” …

-Mary Ellen Dugan, White Haven USA

… The package of truly world-class video resources, concise fact sheets and a comprehensive echo atlas (and more) provides an unrivaled resource for asynchronous learning anywhere at anytime. ...

-Chris Nickson MD,Emergency Medicine Senior Registrar, Alice Springs, Australia Medical Editor of

The Atlas is included in our Premium Membership and the Echo Masterclass. Get the atlas NOW and increase your echo case load and experience virtually – directly from your living room!