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Thousands of physicians have benefited tremendously from our courses. They have reached a high level of competence in echo since the transthoracic Echocardiography MasterClass was launched in 2010.

Ultrasound and Echocardiography is getting more and more important –so don ́t wait any longer and join 123Sonography, the largest Ultrasound community on the web and global Nr. 1 medical e-learning platform for echocardiography and ultrasound, let us train your staff and become our partner.

SONOGRAPHERS: Almost half of our users are sonographers. We get many of positive feedbacks that the MasterClass helps them in their daily practice and a lot of our students have benefited from our Masterclass course to prepare for their ARDMS exam.

References/ Existing clients

Karolinska University Hospital,

Copenhagen University Hospital Glostrup,

Aarhus University Hospital,

Central Finland Health Care District,

Intensive Care Wollongong Hospital,

PVA Bad Tatzmannsdorf,

Kepler Universitätsklinikum,

University of South Carolina,

Kantonsspital St.Gallen,

Starr County Memorial Hospital,

Northampton General Hospital,

Westpfalz Klinikum,

The Jilin Heart Hospital,

and many others teaching our course-content successfully worldwide.

What our partners say ...

Learning echocardiography correctly requires theory, practice and time. There are many superficial echo education programs that provide some but not all of these components, 123Sonography Masterclass has been incorporated into a one year echo teaching program (32 attendees ) held at Wollongong Hospital, Australia to provide the theoretical component of the course.This has enabled me and my sonographers to spend our time providing bedside teaching instead of preparing powerpoint presentations. The video tutorials provide a comprehensive teaching curriculum. The educational content and production values are of the highest standard. Students can view tutorials at times suitable to them. This flexibility is essential when teaching specialists and advanced trainees. An assessment program/ CME and reference library are also provided. 123Sonography Masterclass has enabled me to provide in-depth theoretical and practical teaching of echocardiography to a large number of critical care specialists and advanced trainees.

Dr. Cartan Costello, Staff Specialist, Intensive Care | Wollongong Hospital, Australia

I started the Jilin Heart Hospital, a 300 bed and 40 ICU bed specialized hospital in the 8 Mio city of Changchun, China 4 years ago. We very quickly realized the importance of training and learning for our young doctors, cardiologists and surgeons. Thomas Binder visited our hospital to help and support us with bedsite teaching and training and 123Sonography online courses kept the spirits high for continuous learning and education. Thank you for your support!

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Doz Dr. Roland Fasol, Head of Cardiac Surgery | China

123Sonography MasterClass has been incorporated into a 2-3 year echo training program (49 attendees ) organized by NASCE/UEMS (The Network for Accredited Skills Centres in Europe / European Union of Medical Specialists) accredited Center of Medical Expertise in Central Finland Health Care District’s Central Hospital, Finland. Attendees are mostly advanced trainees of cardiology and internal medicine, as well as specialists of critical care.Echo training program consists of1) theoretical education, which includes an introductory lecture and 123Sonography MasterClass course, 2)practical training first by echo simulator and, mainly, both supervised and independently (50%/50%)patient training. Before qualification the level of knowhow (hands-on skills and theoretical knowledge) is evaluated rigorously. The test of theoretical knowledge included in 123Sonography MasterClass is sufficiently demanding. Practical hands-on skills are tested with a real patient and evaluated using a structured assessment form by an echo expert .123Sonography MasterClass enables flexible, standardized theoretical education with excellent quality. The quality of this course is highly appreciated by the trainees, and valued by the instructors, who can concentrate on bedside teaching.

Dr. Pirjo Mustonen, Cardiologist, Chief Physician of Clinical Development, Central Finland Central Hospital, Central Finland Health Care District | Finland


Large Client Sales

Saskia joined 123sonography in the early beginnings in 2011. After working as the Head of Customer Service and in other various fields of the company like accounting she became Head of Large Client Sales in 2016.