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Get to know the Abdominal Bachelor course:

What you can expect

  • A FREE chapter to warm up and get an idea of the course
  • Over 30 lectures of studio quality video sessions
  • Including many real case reports
  • Rich in graphics, examples and illustrations
  • Hundreds of ultrasound pictures and videos
  • Proven didactic concept
  • Course is CME accredited (15 credits)

Abdominal US BC Chapters

Overview of the content

  • Ultrasound basics and artifacts
  • How to scan the abdomen: gross anatomy of every scanned organ
  • Most common approaches
  • Normal findings
  • Tips and tricks for difficult examination conditions
  • Extensive and detailed model demonstration
  • The right scanning technique
  • Most common abdominal pathologies
  • and much more...

Is this course for you?

The Abdominal Ultrasound BachelorClass is ideal for students, practioners, anesthetists, internists, radiologists, critical care-, primary care- and emergeny physicians - and for anyone who wants to speed up his/her diagnostic skills!

Our offer for you

This easy learning program covers all you need to know to perform ABDOMINAL ULTRASOUND yourself! It will enable you to master even critical situations of patients with abdominal symptoms. 

From the very basics to the most common pathologies - we will take you there step by step.